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Sometime in the late 60's

It's hard to put a pin on the exact date the when this adventure truely began. Our founder was born into a water and outdoor loving family resulting in a childhood taking full advantage of all the outdoor resources of coastal Alabama. Sailing, boating and fishing in the coastal of the Alabama, Mississippia and Florida were the things to do.

Sometime in the late 60's an understanding mother was convinced to allow her Green Stamps to saved resulting in the acquistion of a small sailboat, a Snark, and the sailing bug took hold.

Through the years a multitude of all manner of water craft followed as well as an interest and desire in making things.

The cool thing is Sewn Sails is just a work in progress. Every day we grow and evolve. Who knows what we will be a year from now. I do know we will still be making the gear you need to help you enjoy your time outdoors and on the water.

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We do know we want to go here one day.