Hatchway Door Panel, Thermo Door, Weather Barrier

Keep the heat out, keep the cool in or do it the other. These custom fabricated door panels provide an easily removable temperature barrier to close your cabin door without the hassle of removing and replacing hatch boards.

If you stay on your sailboat our door panels can make your stay much more enjoyable.  Having to remove and replace hatchboards each time you go in and out of the cabin is truly a pan in the butt.  Some sailors drape towels or tarps but these methods provide no thermal protection and make leaving or entering the cabin a burdensome ordeal.

Our door panels make it easy. Grab the handle and move the panel aside to enter or exit then snug the panel back in place to close your cabin.

Our door panels are made with a 3 inch thick foam which provides structure, stiffness and a very good thermal barrier to keep the outside temperature out and the inside temperature in.

The example shown in the pictures was constructed using the customers own material. I make these out of marine Sunbrella for durability so your choices are the spectrum of Sunbrella fabric. We can make a panel out of other fabric selected by you but you would have to get the fabric to us. Contact us with your measurements and we can give you and estimate of the amount of material needed.

If you decide one to be made from your own fabric any leftover material will be returned to you with the finished product.

This is a custom product which will require you to take accurate measurements to obtain a good fitting product.

Please Note: This is a custom product. The $125.00 price is the minimum charge for this item. Your final price will depend on the size of the panel required and the fabric you choose. I am happy to provide you a quote based on your measurements and fabric. If you order before speaking with us we will contact you to discuss your specific requirements and provide a quote.

We have provided a weight for the panel to allow our shopping cart to compute a shipping charge. we will use the actual shipping charge incurred for your door panel in the computation of the final price of this custom item

If your final price is different from the minimum charge we will invoice you for the difference and we require full payment before you begin fabrication.

Please Note: If you select "Other Color" as your color selection please enter the name of the Sunbrella color in the text area provided for Other Color. If you intend us to use a fabric provided by you please check the "Buyer Will Provide Fabric" checkbox.

  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: Door Baffle
  • Manufacturer: Sewn Sails

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