Cockpit Sun Shade Side Curtains

Our Sunshades keep your cockpit cool, knock down the glare of the sun and provide an element of privacy when you are lounging at anchor or at the dock.

Our Cockpit Sun Shade Side Curtains are the perfect addition to enhance your sailing experience. After a great day on the water don't let the glare and heat of the sun put a damper on your relaxation time.

Sewn Sails Sun Shade Side Curtains tame that merciless sun. Install these shade curtains on your bimini to knock out the heat of the sun while you are lounging at anchor or at the dock.

We install the twist lock fittings and send the socket fittings to be installed on your bimini. Once our fittings are installed on your bimini the sun shades can be hung in just a couple minutes. Our Sun Shades cut the heat and glare of the sun with a shade factor of 92.5%. Our Phifertex Plus sunshade fabric shades are made from 100% vinyl-coated polyester, are engineered to stay flexible in all climates and features Microban® anti-microbial protection.

One Sun Shade can shade both sides of your cockpit by installing attachment fittings, properly spaced to match the shade, on port and starboard sides of your bimini. You can even place the shades fore and aft on your bimini moving your shade to the appropriate location to control the sun. Of course you can always order two, three or even four shades, one for each side. We love it when you do that.

For the most versatile use of our Sun Shades we suggest one shade to be mounted port or starboard as needed and one shade for the stern.

Our Sun Shades not only tame the sun but do double duty as a privacy screen.

We make these shades in a variety of standard sizes but, if you need something different, we can easily accommodate your custom order. All you have to do is contact us for a quote.

These shades are also great for home. Sewn Sails can make Sun Shades for your porch, patio, deck or anywhere else you need shade.


Our Cockpit Shade Side Curtains are very easy to install and we have a couple of options for you. AS far as hardware, we like to use "Common Sense Twist Lock" Fasteners with the stud mounted on the curtain. It makes for a much cleaner installation on the bimini. We can reverse the mounts and put the studs on the bimini if you prefer. You can also use snap fasteners. We can even install grommets or zippers. You tell us what you want. We think the twist locks are much easier to use.

As far as installing the hardware, if you are local to the Mobile, Alabama area we will install the hardware on your bimini for you. For you out of towners we will send the appropriate hardware with the top and you can install it or, if you pay the shipping, you can send use your bimini and we will install it for you.

The shade pictured is 46" x 88".

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