Revolution "No Knot" Sail Ties (Set of 6)

Revolution Sail Ties make securing your mainsail easier than it has ever been.
Our Revolution Sail Ties are something completely different. No knots, no bungee to wear out, no metal to rust or corrode. Simply the best sail ties on the market.

The Revolution Sail Tie makes it incredibly easy to secure your mainsail at the end of your sailing day. Wrap the tie around the sail, clip the clip, pull the loops to tighten it up and you're done.

The Revolution sail ties come in five standard lengths.

24 inch: fits a sail bundle from 0" to 24" in circumference
36 inch: fits a sail bundle from 0" to 36" in circumference
48 inch: fits a sail bundle from 0" to 48" in circumference
60 inch: fits a sail bundle from 0" to 60" in circumference
72 inch: fits a sail bundle from 0" to 72" in circumference

To avoid a lot of extra webbing you need to order the shortest length ties that will work for you. Realizing a sail bundle gets fatter as you get closer to the mast you might want to order multiple sizes and color code them.

Special Ordering Note: Select your color the enter your size selections in the text area. To make multiple color selections just enter your information in the text area along with your size selection.

Colors available: Red, Yellow, Orange, Light Blue, Teal, Pacific Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Black, White, Silver and Burgundy.

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