Spinnaker Launch Bag - Turtle Bag - 16" Diameter x 21" Long

The perfect turtle bag (spinnaker launch bag) to make deploying your spinnaker a breeze.

Our Spinnaker Launch Bag, sometimes called a turtle bag makes launching your spinnaker a breeze. Have everything set before you leave the dock. The bag keeps the spinnaker safe and contained until you are ready to deploy.

This bag is 16 inches in diameter by 21 inches long.

A stainless ring holds the mouth of the bag open and a bungee in the edge of the lid keeps the bag closed until you are ready to deploy your spinnaker. Two snap hooks are provided to attach the bag to your lifelines and a contrasting color band on the edge of the lid gives easy visual confirmation the bag is securely closed. One side of the bag has a large webbing handle to make handling the bag a breeze.

Standard sizes are:

        12 inch Diameter x 16 inch length

        16 inch Diameter x 21 inch length

        20 inch Diameter x 24 inch length

        24 inch Diameter x 30 inch length

** We make this bag in a variety of sizes. The diameter is determined by the size of the stainless ring in the mouth of the bag. The length can be changed if you need modification. **

To use the bag, pack your spinnaker in the bag with halyard and sheets leading out of the mouth of the bag. Secure the bag on deck and attach the halyard and sheets to the sail. Three webbing loops are provided inside the bag to keep your lines organized. Close the bungee lid once the sail is packed and lines are secure. When you are ready to launch your sail pull the halyard, the lid will open and your sail will deploy.

This version of this deck bag is done in Red 400 denier oxford cloth coated nylon. We can make this bag in other sizes and fabrics. Like everything we sell , this bag is made by us in our shop. made and it can be customized to your specifications. Contact us for a quote.

Use our "Sail Storage Bag Color Selection Chart"to choose the color for your Sail Storage Bag.

  • Model: Spinnaker Launch Bag Turtle
  • Manufacturer: Sewn Sails