Parade Saddle Bags - Mardi Gras

A nice little bag made for carrying your throws one a horse during Mardi Gras or any other parade.
Parade Saddle Bags to carry your throws during a parade. Originally designed for Mardi Gras parades but suitable for any parade situation where you need to carry throws while on horseback.

Easy access and easy to swap out during a parade. Each bag has an internal pocket inside each side of the bag for your special or smaller throws. These bags have tested and refined over many years of Mardi Gras parade use in the city where Mardi Gras originated, Mobile, Alabama.

Bag Dimensions:

Total Length laid flat: 47 inches
Length from center of horn: 23 inches
Width: 17 inches

These Saddle Bags are made using Sunbrella Marine Canvas and polypropylene webbing. These bags are built tough to withstand the abuse of a Mardi Gras parade and will last you for years and years. You are more likely to lose them before you can wear them out.

Other colors are available.

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