Winch Hook Pull Straps

Dress up your ATV or 4x4 and get functionality at the same time. These winch hook pull straps will make your vehicle look nice and, when you need to deploy that winch cable, give you a comfortable handle to spool that cable out, without the danger of cutting yourself up or getting caught by fish hooks, broken cable wires. As you may already have discovered, all Winch Hook Pull Straps are not created equal. The OEM strap that came with your winch and most replacements out there on the market are better suited for wrapping up a birthday present for your little girl than for hanging off the front of your off road beast. At Sewn Sails we recognize this so we designed a Winch Hook Pull Strap that is substantial, beefy, robust strap that will make you proud to have it hanging from your winch hook. The strap is thick and wide enough to be comfortable in your hand should you ever have to deploy your winch cable.