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A simple and reliable way to organize extension cords, ropes, hoses and more.
Carry Strap, Cord, Rope, Hose Organizer, Handle or Hanger (Set of 4) (Cord Hanger)

This sale is for a Set of 4 Organizer Straps!

Absolutely the best cord organizer you will find anywhere. It is a simple and convenient way to carry, organize and store your extension cords, ropes, hoses, cables or whatever.The design of the strap will let you hang just about anything. The pictures accompanying this listing show some extreme examples and while I don't recommend hanging cinder blocks and scuba tanks as there are better ways to store those things, this strap is flexible and can hang or bundle just about anything.

These straps are designed with a loop at each end. One loop, the hanger loop, lets you hang your cord, rope, hose, etc. on a hook to organize and store it. This loop is also large enough to use as a carry handle. The other loop is a "twisted loop that always stays open to make threading the strap a simple operation.

To hang your cord, rope, hose, etc. just wrap the strap around your item and thread the carry/hanger loop through the twisted loop. Now your item is secure and you can carry it where you need to go or hang it on your wall.

Take a look at the pictures and you can see, the straps can hang many different things. I am not, in any way, suggesting you hang these sorts of things but you can see what the straps can do.

Each strap is made from a durable 1 inch wide UV resistant polypropylene webbing and should last you a very long time. Breaking strength of the strap is rated at approximately 600 lbs.

I make the strap in four lengths to handle just about anything you want to hang. The 15, 19 and 23 inch sizes are perfect for coils of rope or hose and extension cords. The 39 inch strap will handle large and bulkier items or you can use the extra length to double or triple wrap whatever it is you are trying to organizer, hang or carry.

You can use the color selection drop menu to pick the color strap you would like. If you would like to mix and match colors just pick one color in the drop down menu then, when you make your purchase send me a message in the order details telling what colors and lengths you want for the other straps.

These straps and all of the other straps and other sewn items I have for sale are individually hand crafted by me in my shop in LA (lower Alabama).

A simple and reliable way to organize extension cords, ropes, hoses and more.
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