Sail Storage Bags

Looking for a Sail Storage Bag to protect your sails when your sailing day is done? Sewn Sails has what you need.

Sail Storage Bags are a specialty of ours. We offer several styles of sail storage bags in a selection of standard sizes however, each bag is made to order. This means we can customize any bag you like to meet your specific requirements. Want a bag with blue sides, a yellow bottom and green handles? We can do that.

If you don't find the exact size bag you are looking for send us a message with the dimensions of the bag you need and we will give you a quote for your bag.

Color Selection: Our bags come in an assortment of colors including: Red, Orange, Yellow, Hunter Green, Blue, Insignia Blue, Black, Pink, Aqua, Fluorescent Lime, Fluorescent Yellow, Coyote Brown, Royal Purple, Olive Drab, Silver and Texas Tan.

What Makes Sewn Sails Bags Better?

  • All of our sail storage bags are constructed from tough 420 denier polyurethane coated nylon oxford cloth.

  • We take the time to hand cut each bag with a hot knife which melts the fabric edge to prevent unraveling. Other manufactures like to cut their fabric in bulk using an automatic knife. That saves time but the fabric edges tend to fray and unravel. The bag doesn't last long as it should.

  • We double sew every seam. That means for every seam their is a back up seam just in case the first seam should fail. It takes more time and labor but we build our bags to last.

Use our "Guide To Measuring Your Sail For a Sail Bag" and the "Size Selection Table" to determine which bag to order.

Use our "Sail Storage Bag Color Selection Chart"to choose the color for your Sail Storage Bag.