Using Sail Ties

Using the right Sail Tie the right way makes sailing a whole lot easier.

Using the right Sail Tie the right way makes sailing a whole lot easier. You might have already reviewed our "History of Sail Ties" and other silliness. This is as serious a discussion of sail ties as we can manage.

Unless you have a roller furling main you need sails ties. Their are lots of sail ties choices out there and we are happy to offer you some of those.

Our premium sail tie is an example of what we, at Sewn Sails think, is the simplest, most durable version of the sail tie. Short of the webbing deteriorating, the stitching at the twisted loop failing or loosing the tie over the side, their is nothing that can go wrong with our "Premium" twisted loop sail tie.

With other styles their are buckles to break, crimps to fail and/or rust, balls to break or elasticity to loose. Oh, and you can still loose these other versions over the side too.

Now you would think our "Premium Sail Ties" would be a done deal, the pinnacle of Sail Tie development but you would be mistaken. There are actually improvements to be made.

Sewn Sails has developed what we call our "Pro Series Ties" which feature wider webbing and a larger twisted loop. The "Pro Series" ties have some desirable features but we have fewer choices of color. The "Pro Series" ties are great for bigger boats but they work on smaller boats as well.

Hopefully you now find yourself unwavereingly committed to the fact, Sewn Sails sail ties are beyond compare when it comes to sail ties and you are ready to but a lifetime supply. Call us facilitators but here is a link to take you right to our sail tie store.  "The Link"