Return Policy

So You Need To Send Something Back

Our return policy is very simple. Almost everything is returnable and we accept returns within 30 days of the date of sale. All we ask is that you contact us first to let us know you are returning something.

Since we make everything we sell and much of that is custom at your direction you custom order item might not be returnable. By example, a black bag with black bottom and white handles is returnable whereas a pink bag with yellow bottom and purple handles is not. We must consider future resale of the item when it is returned. For the same reason a strangely sized bag, such as a storage bag for your flag pole 40 feet long and 8 inches in diameter is not returnable.

Return shipping is at your expense and we will not refund the purchase price until we have the returned product in our hands.

Please keep in mind we are a small shop, we have families and a lives, just as you do, so be polite and respectful and we will do the same. We do not monitor emails 24/7 so give us time to respond, particularly on weekends and holidays.

Don't assume anything. If you have a question please ask.

Lewis Philips

Sewn Sails