Measuring for a Sail Storage Bag

A guide to help you determine the size "Sail Storage Bag" you need to order to accommodate your sail or sails.

The last thing you want is a sail storage bag that is not the right size for your sail. A bag to small makes it a battle to get your sail stowed away. A bag that is too big lets your sail spread once it's in the bag, which makes it harder to carry, and you may wind up with a bunch of extra bag material flopping around.

While sail area (square footage) is helpful in determining what size sail storage bag you need, due to differences in sail cloth and folding technique, it is not the best way to determine what size sail storage bag you need.

The absolute best way to determine the right size sail storage bag is to measure your sail bundle one you have your sail folded to your liking.

Here is some information to help you select the correct size sail storage bag.

First Step: Fold your sail as you normally do.

Second Step: Measure the length and girth of the sail bundle. If you have one available, a soft tape makes the measuring easier.

Third Step: Compare your measurements to the "Size Selection Table" to find the bag size that is right for you. Click on that bag and place your order.

Fourth Step: (Use in case we don't have the right size bag) Take the measurements you found in step Three and send them to us. We will give you a quote for a bag that fits your folded sail. Make sure to give your color preference.