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Yes, We Do Repairs!
Yes we are happy to do repairs to yoru current marine canvas!
Nothing looks nicer than brand new boat canvas but sometimes it is more economical and faster to repair your canvas rather than replace it. We can look at your canvas and quickly tell you which option is best for you. If the fabric is in good condition rips can be mended, zipperes can be replaced, seams can be restitched, windows can be replaced and so on.

About the only thing we can't fix is the color. Sunbrella and similar fabrics can't be redyed and painting will not produce a satisfactory result so we don't recommend it and we don't do it.

Rips, tears, fogged glass, broken zippers, separating seams or worn and broken stitching we can take care of that in no time so give us a call.

What types of repair does Sewn Sails do?
We will consider anything you want done but will also give guidance to help you make the most cost affective decision regarding your canvas. For reference here is a partial list of the repairs we do.
  1. Restitching
  2. Strap replacement
  3. Grommet replacement
  4. Snap replacement
  5. Rip repair
  6. Glass replacement
  7. Zipper repair
  8. Zipper replacement
  9. Patching
  10. Chafe pad installation
  11. Seam Restitching
  12. Alterations and modifications

This list could go on forever but you get the idea.

When do you take your canvas down to be repaired?
The best time to repair your canvas is when you first notice a problem.

If you find a rip or tear you want to fix that immediately. You see just a small tear and think to yourself it's not going to make a difference but wind and other stresses on the fabric can make a small tear and big one in the blink of an eye. Your canvas isn't going to last forever but timely repairs can greatly extend the life of your expensive marine canvas.
Steps to getting your canvas repaired
Give us a call and let Sewn Sails inspect your canvas. We can tell you quickly whether your canvas can be repaired and if repair is the best option. Most problems are repairable if the fabric is in good condition.

Clean Your Canvas First: We do like your canvas to be clean before we work on it. That doesn't mean you have to be able to eat off it but it is difficult to work on moldy, dirty canvas. The canvas is stiff and hard to work with and the dirt, grime, mold, mildew, bird poop and whatever else is on your canvas makes the shop stink and messes up the sewing machines.

If you are scared to clean your canvas because it may come apart you may have crossed the repair/replace threshold. Canvas that won't stand a light cleaning is likely due for replacement instead of repair.

Cleaning canvas is pretty simple. Click this link for tips on cleaning canvas.

If you can't get your canvas clean before bringing it to us we can clean it for you. Of course that will coast you a little extra.
I don't have the time to bring the canvas to you. Can you take it down for me?
We underatand you are busy so, if you need us to, we can take your marine canvas down, do the repair and we can even put it back up for you.

Give us a call and lets talk about it.
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