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Tiller Cover
A tiller is a simple thing but a very important one. It steers the boat and without it you don't go sailing.

Sure any old stick will work. I once bought a Pearson 26 and the tiller was a piece of old wheelbarrow handle. It did work but it lacked alot in the but you didn't get many still points.

Some tillers are magnificent, a two colored lamination with a gracefull curve, that should be protected.

One thing I have noticed is a tillers finish goes south quicker than anything else on the boat. A nice, custom fir, Tiller cover will keep the finish looking showroom new but a good tiller cover does more than that. The popular 2 color laminated tillers are a "lamination" and water and sun can eventual cause the the tiller to delaminate. Time for a new tiller when that happens>

Protect your tiller with a custom fitted tiller cover. For ordering information click here.
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