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Mainsail Cover
The easier it is to go sailing the more likely your are to go. Leaving your mainsail on the boom greatly speeds getting out there on the water but you don't want to leave your sail out in the elements, unprotected.

Dirt, bird droppings and other contaminants collect on your sails when they are exposed. These contaminants are abrasive and as they work into the weave of the sailcloth they start to cut the fibers weakening the sail. Moisture collecting on the sailcloth is a starting place for mold and mildew which can discolor your sail and also weaken the fabric.

A custom fitted sail cover will protect your sails from the harmful effects of the sun, rain, wind and dirt. Coordinate your mainsail cover with your dodger, winch covers, tiller cover and other canvas and your boat will really stand out

Sewn Sails makes sail covers for your mainsail as well as storage bags for your jib, spinnaker, genacker or any other sails you have. We make winch covers, tiller covers, dodgers, launch bags, sun shades, cushions and other boat canvas to dress up and protect your boat while making it more functional.

Our online order form will be complete soon. Until then, we are only doing sailcovers for local boats or your can send us your old cover and we can pattern from that.
Our mainsail covers are made with Sunbrella which is one of the most widely used boat canvas materials. Sunbrella is durable, it carries a 10 year warranty and it comes in a huge variety of colors.

We don't skimp on our mainsail covers. When we cut Sunbrella for a mainsail cover we use a hot knife that fuses the edge of the fabric to prevent unraveling. Hot knife cutting takes a little longer but you get a much nicer finished product.

We can incorporate chaffing pads where appropriate. During the order process you can specify the location of mast mounted winches and other gear that might make chaffing pads desirabel to protect your new mainsail cover.

We use YKK #10 Vislon zippers, coverd by a flap for UV protection, for closure of the mainsail cover around the mast.

We like to use "twist locks" as the closure method along the length of the boom but can use other closures if you desire.
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