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Sewn Sails makes and sells a growing variety of outdoor accessories for around the home and for your outdoor recreational activities.

Our biggest seller to date in the land based outdoor activities area are the "Winch Hook Pull Straps" we manufacture. The straps are designed to dress up your 4 x 4 or ATV. They are a high quality strap made from extra heavy duty polypropylene so the are mildew resistant and very tough. These straps are also a functional piece of equipment. Should you ever need to deploy your winch cable these straps are designed to serve as a comfortable handle to deploy your winch cable.

Just keep in mind, although these straps are extremely tough, they are designed only for use only as a handle to deploy your winch cable and to dress up your vehicle. They are not intended to connect your cable to a load or to be used to secure your winch cable to an anchor point.

By special request from a customer we also developed a "Grab Handle" that secures around the tubing roll cage of off road vehicles. The aptly named "Grab Handle" lets you install a handle where you need it on your off road vehicle to enhance the security and safety of your passengers and yourself.

Sewn Sails designed and manufacturers a very handy little "Cord Organizer" strap which we make in a variety of lengths to accomodate just about anything you need to secure or hang. This "Cord Organizer" can be used on yoru boat or ashore around the house so secure and hang ropes, lines, hoses, extension cords, tools, life jackets, etc. The uses really are close to endless.

We make other straps as well like our cord organizer hanger strap to help control your electrical cords, hoses and many other things.
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