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The History of Sail Ties
Wow, if you've ended up here you are either really, really bored, your three year old got hold of the mouse or you're really curious about sail ties. Not sure I can do anything about the first two but I can give you a little more info on sail ties. One word of caution though, before laying money down on any wager based upon the veracity (truth) of the meanderings recorded here you might want to do a little more research. "Sail Tie" stitchers spend long hours sewing little box patterns over and over and over. (Notice the little Box X pattern in thte picture to the left) This can have debilitating affects on ones mind and some stitchers are said to exist only in a severly altered reality.

Here's one for you that may be hard to believe. Sail Ties were actually invented some 10,000 years before the first sail. That is truly a puzzler but I speculate, if you could find a DNA sample of this truly revolutionary thinker, you would likely find some modern day revolutionary thinker like Bill Gates or Carl from Slingblade is a direct descendant.

No actually fossil record exists of this first "Sail Tie". This history has been passed down in the form of pictures and later in words, once words were invented. In fact, it is postulated that upon the invention of the first "Sail Tie" said inventor exclaimed "Sail Tie" and was promptly clubbed to death as his utterance of the phrase "Sail Tie" was so markedly different from the grunts and barks which made up the current language the inventors cave mates thought him (could have been a her) possessed by some evil spirit.

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It should be noted legend also reveals the first "Sail Tie" was not made of the polypropylene webbing which currently comprises sail ties made by Sewn Sails. Some believe the first "Sail Tie" was actually a long and tangled strand of dirty matted hair belongong to the inventor, not unlike a modern day dreadlock, which had become entangled in a tree stump and subsequently snatched from its' rightful place on the scalp of the inventor. It is thought the act of snatching may have prompted the utternce of "Sail Tie" and thus the untimely death of the inventor.

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When you are done with the History remember, "Sail Ties" are the stuff of legend. Check out some "Legends of the Sail Tie"
Color choices for sail ties are:

* Yellow
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* Pacific Blue
* Jute
* Royal Blue
* Green
* Navy Blue
* Orange
* Silver
* Black
* Red

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