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Canvas Care and Cleaning

Marine canvas spends it's days in one of the harshest environments around.As you probably already know, canvas replacement can get very expense. Canvas that is in poor condition can also keep you from enjoying your boat.

Protecting your canvas investment is a very simple thing to do. All it takes is a little time and not much effort if you make a regular part of your boat maintenance. A little love and tenderness will help you get the most out of your canvas. Here are a couple very simple things you can to the will keep your canvas looking good and performing like it should.
  1. Clean your canvas. Every day I see guys cleaning their boats but I. never see them cleaning their canvas. Dirt and grime are a couple of the biggest enemies to your canvas. Dirt and grime dulls the canvas and are abrasive. The dirty canvas left in that condition speeds the deterioration of your canvas.

    Keeping canvas clean doesn't take much effort. A mild dishwashing soap like Dawn is perfect. No bleach since that can discolor the cloth just like it will do to your cloths. You can scrub the canvas with a soft brush but you only want to scrub lightly, then rinse the canvas completely and let it dry.

    If you plan on bringing your canvas to us for repair please clean it before you bring it.

  2. Take care of broken threads. That doesn't mean just clipping loose threads. Broken threads usually mean failing thread which, in turn, causes seams to fail and separate and also can also lead to torn canvas.

  3. Renew your water resistant coating. Sunbrella is a water resistant fabric and comes with a coating from the factory. This coating can become less affective over time and caneasily be renewed. One of the best products for this is Scotchguard which is readily available in stores. Follow the instructions that come with the fabric coating you select.

  4. Take care of the glass on your canvas. Everybody hates to see scratched and foggy glass. Leaving your glass rolled up can cause it to crease and any water that pools in the rolls of a rolled up window will cause the glass to develope a haze. Better to leave the glass down and only roll it up when you need to. You can also treat you glass with protectants that will keep your glass from drying out, cracking and hazing. Sewn Sails has many products that will help you take care of your glass.
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