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Custom Sailing Accessories
Sailing Accessories
Sewn Sails manufactures and sells a variety of sailing and marine gear and accessories. Those products include sail storage bags, bags made from recycled sails, bags from new materials, blankets and throws from sailcloth for the cooler sailing months, sail ties and pretty much anything else we can think of.
Sailing, Boating and Outdoor Gear
Marien and Outdoor Products
Sewn Sails represents and sells an constantly expanding line of high quality sailing, boating and outdoor gear. We find things, use them, and, if they meet the test, we make available to you. We always looking and testing so bookmark us and check back often to see what's new.
Marine Canvas
Marien Canvas Fabrication
Sewn Sails does marine canvas fabrication. If you need a new dodger, bimini, sail cover, spray hood, seat cushions or anything else along those lines. Sorry, all you out of towners, we only work locally in Mobile Alabama and the immediate surrounding areas. What we do depends on precise measurements and we can only do that in person.
Sail Repair
Sail Repair
We don't make sails but we do repair them. Here are a few of the thing we do. Restictching, rips and tears, window replacement, luff tape repair, insignia replacemant, batten pocket repair, sail slide/slug replacement. Don't let a little problem become a big one. Repairing early will save you money and time in the long run.
Outdoor and Around The House
You might have noticed Sewn Sails is pretty handy with a sewing machine. Lock us in a room with a sewing machine, a little webbing and some material and you never know what might come out. If Sewn Sails is listed as the manufacturer that means it's made by us, in our shop, and not is some far off land.
Canvas Repair and Modification
Marine Canvas Repair and Modification
Sewn Sails repairs marine canvas. We do restitching, patching, window, replacement, zipper repair and replacement and other modification and repair of your existing canvas. Take care of rips, tears, cuts, deteriorated thread and other problems before they get out of hand. A little attention now can add years to the life of you canvas.
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